Dark Art Airbrushin is run by one of the world's top airbrush artists, Danny Bowen.

Danny will paint ANYTHING for you from t-shirts to Playstations, trainers to socks!  You name it, if it stops still long enough, he'll paint it!  Why not drop him a line, give him a call or even pop in to the shop and have a chat in the old fashioned way - Face to face!

if you would like to book me for you event . please email or call me .

Danny bowen dark art is  named in a drum and bass tune aswell also soon will be doin printed t shirts for stag and hen partys.
Opening hours are 10:00 am till 4:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday .
i have done work for adobe . deperados beer . bordmasters and menny more well known people . if you would like to book me for eney  events please contact me eather email or by phone .
if you have eney problems ordering eneythink of my site please contact me on 07891479126.